Voicemail Alternative?


I am currently on a phone plan (Wind - Canada) where I pay an additional $8/month for a voicemail service. I am wondering if anyone knows of a way for me to cancel the voicemail service yet retain a voicemail functionality on my phone. Allow me to explain...

I currently have an Android phone (Nexus 5).

What I would like to know is if there is an application or a method to have calls be sent to a "Local Voicemail." This would work by having the phone, after a certain amount of 'rings', answer the call in the background. While still allowing me to use the phone, the person would be able to record a message which would be saved locally on my phone. I would then be able to access the recorded message through the application or simply by playing a sound file through my file manager.

I thought this would be an easy way to save some money and make voicemail easier to access with the slight caveat that the phone would need to be on a network the entire time...