VMWare Player 15 and Chrome Display Bug

So this is a problem I’ve had for a while, but since it gets in my way only twice a year or so I’ve been putting off solving it. Basically, the small notification dialogs Chrome sometimes show (such as the “save password” prompt) are glitched to the point where they are unreadable when running Chrome inside a VM. Here’s a screenshot :

Most annoyingly, it’s the buttons that don’t show up at all. But get this : if I move the Chrome window so that the dialog box is partly off screen, then it displays normally :

Except it’s not exactly normal (black “frame” around the dialog).

I’ve never seen that running Chrome on any host OS, only on a VM. And Google hasn’t been any help.

My VMWare is fully updated (15.5.7)

Has anyone got an idea what the shell is going on ?