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Vmware on linux vs windows

hey all
im curious about something that i encounter
i have 2 identical PC’s with specs
amd ryzen 7 2700x
16 gb ram
video asus rog strixx rx 480
ssd 512 samsung evo 840

one of them is running debian 10.2 and one is running windows 10 pro
both of them have vmware workstation pro 15.5
both of them have a XP vm with the identical specs ram,cpu,gpu,hdd and vmware tools installed latest version
i tested gta 3 on both
on windows 10 it runns horrible ! massive fps drops and hangs
on debian 10.2 it runns amazing… its PERFECT !

how is that possible ? why on linux its running better ?! i dont understand what is the cause of this.
both systems have latest drivers. can some 1 please tell me or give me some explanation !?

Well, a Debian host would usually be a lot lighter on processes and system resources compared to a Windows 10 host for one.

I’d also suspect that Linux is doing a better job of allowing the VM CPU scheduling than Windows. If you can control which host CPU cores are used by VMware that might help.

I’d investigate further using CPU and GPU benchmarks within the VMsr, is there a greater difference on one or the other etc.?