VMware Graphics Glitch/Bug Question

After a recent update to VMware Player, I noticed some odd graphical glitches on the VM display that can be easily corrected using ALT + TAB

This is an annoyance to say the least but all was good to go before this recent update.

Even recent releases for my Radeon VII GPU have not helped, please note that the HOST OS is NOT having this issue, here are the specs:


Threadripper 2950x
64GB of RAM, 3200 running at 2933, 16GB x 4 Sticks
Samsung 850 EVO, 1TB NVMe SSD
Radeon VII GPU running the 20.12.1 Radeon Software

VMware Player v15.5.7 build-17171714
Using the supplied SVGA GPU drivers using the Plugin package drivers.

I’ve tried removing this package and installing it once more and rebooting the VM to no avail.

The VM is allocated 8 CPU cores along wtih 16GB of RAM

The only thing I have not tried is running the RAM at default DDR4 specs of 2133

Since these are not atifacts but a graphical glitch in the display it seems unlikely this is the cause but anything is possible.

Any tips or tricks on this one ?