VMs keep locking up :qemu/kvm/libvert/virt-manager

I’ve been using kvm/qemu/libvert/virt-manager for a while now with no issues, always with a GPU passed through.
I’ve recently decided to set up a VM solely for torrenting (so my ISP doesn’t see all those Linux ISOs I’m downloading). All it runs is expressvpn, qbittorrent, and jdownloader. Not needing GPU acceleration, I just run it with the spice display within my Arch host.
My issue is it is consistently locking up.
I decided to cheat and just throw it a premade distro on it since I won’t be doing any customizations. I started with Archo since I never tried it, and blamed the distro when it locked up. But the same thing is happening on Manjaro now too.
I’ve changed from using a shared filesystem to attaching its own dedicated SSD for it’s download directory to no avail. It happens with either and both qbittorrent and jdownloader active. And happens even when giving the VM up to 14 cores and 32gb of RAM.
After some time (about an hour) I’ll check the VM and find it completely locked up. Virt-manager will show the VM is maxed out on CPU usage and I have to force shutdown. My host, though, will still be running perfectly fine.

Any ideas on where my issue may be?
I’ve never had any problems on VMs when they had their own GPU, and I can’t imagine this wouldn’t work as just a standard VM.

Is the VM running out of ram? Are you getting any messages in DMESG on the host. You can also look at journalctl on the guest and look at the last set of errors generated since last boot. I think journalctl -xr should be a good start for you. This will give you explanations on all errors and display the output in reverse chronological order so the most recent thing will be at the top of the list. So if you get to this immediately after a reboot, you may be able to see what happened in the VM when it crashed.