VM noob, Which would be easier passthru, Intel 10850 integrated graphics OR other newer cpu with a AMD 480/580 video card?

I am not a gamer, just want to run 1 vm at a time, Windows 10.

My understanding is that passing through integrated graphics is sometimes possible, but is fraught with gotchas and is more a “this is my hobby” area instead of “I just want this to work”

The discrete cards are more of a sure thing. So I suggest letting Linux or whatever you use as a host have the integrated gpu, and give windows the AMD card.

For AMD gpu’s prior to the recent (and vapor ware) 6000 series cards, you’ll want to make use of https://github.com/gnif/vendor-reset to solve the reset bug they have.

In proxmox I pass through an RX 460 to my VM’s and it works great with vendor reset. Note that I had to disable some pcie power management stuff to resolve some dmesg errors and occasional hard gpu freezes that required rebooting.

Here’s what I followed for getting vendor reset to work, should be at least similar in Debian based distributions, but you’ll need to get your own distribution’s header files (not proxmox aka “pve”): https://www.nicksherlock.com/2020/11/working-around-the-amd-gpu-reset-bug-on-proxmox/

And once you have all that working, you might consider trying out looking glass. Normally integrated gpus are severely bandwidth limited and wouldn’t be recommend for gaming or high FPS stuff, but it might work for your school/office like use case.

Hi Log, Thanks for the info, much appreciated. That info keeps Ryzen on my radar. 5800-5900, whenever they manage to provide some.

Yeah, what Log said. It’s much easier to pass a dedicated graphics card through than to try to pass integrated graphics through. I know that graphics virtualization is available on some Intel APUs, but that’s not something that’s worth the effort, at least in your case.

Good luck with your virtual machine!

Thank you for the info. i will probably go Ryzen 5000, i am not in a rush.