VM Hyper-Visor Decison


Wanted to get your thoughts on which VM software would be a better fit for me:

VM Ware Workstation Pro 12.1
Oracle Virtual Box 5.0.16

First off, price is not an issue with this.

The main point is to run MS Window Server 2012/2016 and MS SQL Server. I may want to experiment with technologies like Always On which I would assuem would require the two system to be on the same subnet, well maybe not required (I know I will need to step up Active Directory for this). However this is not critical and is more of a bonus.
The secondary is to run Linux distributions to play around with and get used Linux (mainly been a Windows person and want to start branching out).
I will also want to run Hortonworks (has VM Images for both VirtualBox and VWMware)

I will not do any sort of gaming on the VMs these are mainly for learning and development purposes.

Tools I am using for development is Visual Studio 2015, and is mainly for SSIS so T-SQL, C#, and extending into SSRS/SSAS

Thanks for the input, and again price is not an issue with this.

Well, if you need the features VMWare Workstation Pro offers and you can afford it, then why do you even ask?
Go for it.

P.S. I'm running Workstation Pro (12.0) also, it's been great and I haven't had any issues.

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Well it was more of others experiences and would one work better then the other for my situation. I have used both but it was a while ago when I did anything with Virtual Box and I just found out that they are on Version 5 now, so was curious what others may say on this.

I would Pick VMware Workstation over virtual box, networking in VMware I have found works a little better.
Especially when you are trying bridge to physical ports.

VMware workstation will even let you run hyper-v on your guests; VMs within VMs...

This is great for SQL Server as you can great Smb 3.0 clustered shares to test failover clustering and other neat widows server features as well

Virtualbox 5 is good if youcant afford the full vmware workstation, it supports features the free version of workstation does not offer like snapshots.

Thanks guys for all the comments, I now feel more comfortable committing to VM Ware