VLC Media Player Not Keeping FLAC Artwork Up to Date on iOS

Hi, so I noticed after uploading FLACs to an iOS device that the VLC Media Player app does not keep the FLAC files’ artwork up to date. I was just wondering if anyone knows why this is the case. If it’s something to do with cache, where can it be manually cleared? Why isn’t this done automatically, or why doesn’t it stay up to date? And is anyone else having this issue?

Almost definitely caching, I’ve had similar problems with music players on Android. Sometimes it just takes a while to update (cache updated on a timer or something), sometimes you have to restart. Since Apple doesn’t let you access the filesystem, try deleting the app’s data (Settings > General > iPhone Storage) and see what happens (unless that deletes your whole library, check the size first).

Never used VLC back when I had an iPhone though, so if there’s a specific trick for VLC I can’t help you there.

Sent in a bug report.

I flat out can’t get VLC to display artwork for FLACs anymore either.