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Vivaldi Mail Client now available (beta)

I know there are some Vivaldi lovers on here that were eagerly awaiting the long-promised successor to Opera Mail in the Vivaldi Browser.

With the latest Snapshot released yesterday, this is finally available.

Note that it is still experimental and thus has to be explicitly enabled as such in vivaldi://experiments
After activation you will find 3 new panels in the panel bar, one each for Mail, Contacts, and Calendar.

News is here:

Judging by first glance it seems very similar to the old Opera Mail, one thing I am still missing though is the inbox-view for all accounts, but maybe I just missed that.


I havent logged in for a while but wow did things change, used to look more vista thunderbird like but with red accents lol. I really should start using it.

The UI hasn’t changed all that much since the first tech preview, but they added a lot of small features and themes.

So from playing around a bit yesterday it seems to be still very basic and I don’t know how they have been using it internally for a while now from what I read in the past…

  • as mentioned in the first post, no “unread” category across all accounts and folders (unless that only shows up when multiple accounts are configured)
  • There is no automatic sorting into the IMAP folders. You can create custom filters, but those are local only
  • Filters are rather basic (To:, From:, CC:, Subject:) and don’t do anything beyond that
  • in the mail listing of a filter, it doesn’t show what folder it’s in (it does show when clicking on the mail, there’s just no column in the listing)
  • Labels cannot be assigned automatically from what I can tell (through filters or otherwise)
  • Drag and Drop into a different folder doesn’t work, you have to go through the context-menu
  • there are “flags” which from what I can tell are a different form of labels, with the difference that they are just icons and can’t be filtered by. There is also a context-menu called “flags” which suggests there are different ones, but it is empty and I can’t figure out if you can add other flags

TLDR it “works” but is still very basic and a long way from the Opera Mail client

Also creation and deletion of IMAP folders is not possible, but I don’t know if this is a limitation of the protocol (first time using IMAP since last time I used a mail client I was still using POP3, and once that didn’t work anymore I used the webinterface of my mailprovider)-


Day 3:

The Mail Panel is now stuck and I can’t get it to load:


Stays like this for hours, so no it’s not just loading.

Disabling and re-enabling the feature did not help.


Also 2 additional things:

  • .msg files (i.e. attached e-mail files) are not handled (they just download like a regular file)
  • When using more then one browser window the client can only be open on one of them, which in itself is fine. The issue with that however is that the mail panel (which is only on one window) tends to switch windows on browser restart. Whichever of the Windows opens first, gets the mail panel. So pinning the mail to one of the windows is just not possible.


I don’t know if my first set up was just broken or if it was the couple of updates in the last few days… after I wasn’t able to properly open the mail panel anymore (see above) I just removed the account including email files, and set it up again - so basically starting from scratch.
And I now have:

  • an Unread category (that is presumably across multiple accounts)
  • multiple flag colours

As for what caused the issue I can’t say for sure but I have a theory.
As I mentioned in the post above the mail panel can only ever be accessed from one window (and which one depends on which window opens first). But the mail view itself opens in a tab just like a website. The thing is, when you close the browser the tab stays saved to open on next start (if set up). Now what happened for me was that the Tab was in Window 1 (but it showed an error that mail can only be open in one window), but the Mail Panel was in Window 2. When I opened the Mail Panel it seems it wanted to open a second tab of the mail which probably corrupted something.
All this to say: Close the mail tab either when you quit the browser or when the Panel opens in a different window.

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