Visual Studio Code vs Visual Studio Community

Hello everyone I was just wondering if anyone can explain to me the differences in these two programs? Especially from the perspective of a entry level programmer like myself who is just learning.

Their naming convention is annoying and confusing.

Visual Studio Code is the editor for all platforms and is based on the electron editor. It has a lot of MS extras that make it very useful. I use it a lot on Linux.

Visual Studio Community is a lightweight version of their commercial, windows only, development environment.

Their commercial IDE has been around in many forms for years. I was using it back on the Windows 3.1 days. It is, and still is, in my opinion, the best IDE ever created. But it lost some of it’s lustre when they rewrote it in c# for the 2001 version.

If you’re on Windows, use Visual Studio Community. It is highly integrated and will allow you to up and running quickly.

Great thanks for that!!

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These days it is just as heavy as the paid versions, just a couple of features that the paid version has are disabled. (and there are licensing limitations on who can use the free version).

I stick with Visual Studio Community for the ease of being able to click on Pending Changes and check in any changes to the Repo. I don’t care much for immediate testing/ terminal running of my scripts, so using VSC as an IDE works me my workflows :slight_smile:

That comes as no surprise. :pensive: