Vista sucks

I haven't had any major problems so far on Vista x64...I actually have been able to play games I couldn't on XP...but I hate the resources consumption. I mainly have Vista as my main OS right now because of DX10.

i love my vista, and your vista screen looks like a clean install, and you xp screen looks like youv had the pc for years, so that dont really show us much at all

vista is pretty hell its damn right beautiful, DX 10, i find things much much easier in vista than xp, vista runs Visual Stuido 8 a hell of alot better than xp did(in my case, who knows about others) bragging rights(64 bit Ultimate) haha, there are more reasons y vista is awesome, just cant think right now

Edit: 1 more thing Vista Ultimate sounds way better than XP pro

That's truly the only reason I would use it. But when I tried to install FO3, It installed but wouldn't run, I would click new game and it would crash. And then it did the same with oblivion, so I decided to go look online and it said "Bethesda games may have problems on 64-bit Vista machines." I rage installed XP again.


Wat?? I run FO3 just fine on my 64bit ultimate

yea i had problems with fallout as well not so much with oblivion though

I know how you feel Twitch, XP did the same to me with Far Cry 2...was hella pissed.

Couldn't get passed the splash screen so I created a Vista partition and it worked flawlessly. But yeah if it wouldn't be for DX10 I'd probably be back on XP.

Havn't had a problem with FO3 on Vista x64 twitch btw

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Apple=Evil Corporate POS.

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Listen its inpossible to have perfect OS

the only reason mac can be so stable is because you can not do half that stuff you could on windows with it

windows allows you to screw your comp as much as you want

mac feels like a closed in system.

Ive never had problems with my Vista x64. It seems like the only thing you're looking for in a OS is looks, and I'm pretty sure you can get most if not all of your add-ons for Vista aswell.

my only gripe with my vista x64 is that it wont let me run peer guardian 2. ive got 4gb ram and it shows ~30% usage when idling on desktop. its not really a problem for me, my games still run fine, and i could always upgrade my ram. and lots of xp users just seem to skin it to look like vista anyway, so just get the real thing.

xp users are just jealous of DX10

hmm, the only game i cant run on 64 vista is Battlefield 2, and thats a old game its to be expected, so i dual boot xp and vista just for that game

Thats odd. Me and my brother can run BF2 on Vista 64.

i noticed some graphic glitches in farcry 1, but i think it has more to do with me using an nvidia card sense that game was mostly designed for ati. but all modern games work fine.

really, i have like everything turned off, so it can run. like UAC, only 4x AA, etc. but i keep gettin this error and get kicked off servers, it works fine on 32bit vista tho but i cant use that cause my ram would be like no use

I have never had a problem with fallout3 and oblivion on vista 64.

But its reversed for me for some reason. I got bad audio slashing sound on xp when i play oblivion.

on vista, its sounds much better. There is no clarity when i hit a wall with my sword. even worse, when i punch a wall. If you look a certain direction, it will sound better. but thats it.

Vista fixed those problems.

Haha yeah i had a crap tonne of problems with Fallout on my 64-bit vista, i don't know why, or what was happening for that matter, but they just didn't get along, but it's cool, took out some ram and went to 32-bit XP, JUST to play the ungodly amount of hours of Fallout.

But Vista isn't THAT bad, yeah it's not much of an upgrade. But your gonna have to get over it.

Didn't cost me a penny and DX10 is on it.....

This thread is stupid.

You should have been in the Mojave project....

Vista have NO bugs (not that I know of), It had bugs before sp1..

I see no reason whatsoever to downgrade back to XP when Vista works just as good if not better.

Why the fuck did you even make the thread?

Oh and Vista 64 pwnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnns Xp 64... People say it lacks drivers etc.. Every single driver i have on mine works fine.

EDIT: BF2 runs fine on my Vista 64 bit too

Lol the only problem I have ever had with Vista is the crappy UAC, but since I dissabled it on first install its not a biggie.

The only reason anyone could have a problem with the speed of vista is they must have shit hardware, thats it!

64Bit has been running perfect for me and I have not had any problems with any games I have played on it.

I agree with GreenSLI, this thread has is useless and has no meaning!


look kid i have 2 computers my main machine a desktop which runs windows xp 32bit

and my laptop thats running vista premium 64 bit

my laptop has 4 gb of ram intel core 2 duo @2.0 ghz i overclocked it but its a laptop so it started to get hot and unstable so i put it back at 2.0 and a nvidia m9700 gt

and i am yet to have a problem with vista i can run all my games and everything i have not crashed once besides when i overclocked it but that was my fault. but on xp i have crashed numerous times compared to how manytimes i have crashed in vista with no overclock