Vista sucks

why do you guys like Vista? I personally think its a waste of's just pretty, thats it...


Edit: not to mention all the bugs in vista..ugh

if I hear one more person say theres still bugs in Vista im going to RAGE everyone who says that has no idea what there talking about and have never tried Vista for more then a day

I was like frag back in the day. You must have crappy hardware. incompatible hardware that you plug in your computer.

Now its ok. They fix the majority of the problems. Mines fine. and its a 64 bit. working flawlessly.

ok then, its just pretty, its still not worth upgrading from xp...

besides, you can make xp look way cooler...

wow, u dont noe much do u.

Depending on your hardware, maybe.

If you have above or equivalent to 4GB, transfer to Vista 64.

same, here. the guys just infulanced by all those gay ass mac commericals, that remontioning the problems it HAD, that has been fixed for so long now


this is my desktop, with xp(above)

and below is vista


I just dont think its worth upgrading to vista, if someone thinks they have a good reason for me to, tell me...


BTW, both of those screens suck.

post yours...mines full of win

i actually like the vista desktop better. and yea stop buying the manufactured consent kiddo vista is fine if your not an idiot

why? its just prettier...

you got stuff all over the place..simplicity


why the fuck would anyone upgrade to vista when windows 7 BETA can already beat it.

Frag, instead tell us a reason why you hate vista? Not just "It's only pretier, or it sucks" but facts that the OS is horrible?

hmm, it still is a beta, there are bugs. its not recommend u use that for ur main comp.

im just saying i dont think its worth upgading for a cooler looking OS...

Just proving that you are following the "hate bandwaggon" on vista without any real reasons or facts on why the OS is bad.

I'm on the hate bandwagon...

(But because Vista x64 Wouldn't let me run any bethesda games like FO3 or Oblivion so I was rather pissed off, as well as two other games.)

ha there are other things besides looks its not xp with a face lift and under neath are bugs ready to give you the blue screen