Vishera FX-8350 or i5-3570K?

should i choose a AMD AMD Vishera FX-8350 or the intel Intel Core i5-3570K  as CPU ?


If your main factor is gaming, go with the FX-8350. If you're going to do more complicated things like rendering in 3d, photoshop, etc, go with the 3570k.

i terms of gaming both of them perfrom compareable. The 8350 wins in the newer multithreaded games like crysis 3 or metro, while the 3570k wins with older, not multicore optimised games, like WoW for instance.

If you add the price of the motherboard to the CPU the 8350 costs less than the 3570k, but in the end you will get better overall performance with the 3570k

Slightly more performance in everything and slightly more cost 3570K

Want everything slightly slower and cheaper ? get an 8350

Just make sure your PSU is big enough and that you dont pay a lot for power if youre going to OC a video card + CPU and/or run them at last 6+ hours a day, because then the cost savings fly right out the window.

Ignorant posts like the one above mine are what bothers me when people compare AMD to intel. Using national Average, even overclocking, it takes a year to 2 years of solid use to even make up the price difference between the two.

Beyond that, Per Logan and several other benchmarks in REAL WORLD uses, not low res benchmarks, the 8350 and the 3570 are nearly identical in most games with both of them winning some, and losing others.

You're calling me ignorant when you clearly didnt read my post above 

did you not notice the part where i mentioned that IF you pay alot for power, as some places in the world do since logans formula was only for cheaper north american prices it CAN make a difference.

Also in these "real world" benchmarks, which im assuming means a benchmark of a game on a video card that isnt abysimally slow at 1080p, the 3570K still wins a majority of the time, therefore we can come to the conclusion that it is on average the faster processor, albeit only by a small margin in a few areas, it is faster.

The 8350 is only more cost effective by a small margin once everything like the extra PSU wattage that may be needed and the electricity costs in a given area are factored in, which is why i stated what i did.

I'm not getting baited into an argument, continue your beliefs as you were.


i would like the know you reply against this because if you use facts and it is true you will win this argmunent easy if you don't have failed arugmenst you will lose and also i don't have a lot of info about the 8350 because most reviewers sound like intel fanboys . still thanks for you time 

There won't be any noticable difference overall, even in gaming. I know, I've tried both. Either way you go you'll be fine. The difference that I feel that is most profitable from the AMD is that I have a metal box on my desk for screws instead of the usual carton box from intel


And how do you guys explain me this?:




 or this????! go to 3:25:



This cpu can handle a 3770k! The only reason it is slightly bad in games, is that 4 instead of the 8 cores are just right now. 

Just buy an amd since the difference in performance isnt substantial. You'll have 8 cores, wich is probably more future proof.

Besides, amd doesnt pay off resellers and reviewers (at least not as much as intel does), amd doesnt dump their money in smartass advertisment. I'd say your money would be more well spent if it were in amd's hand. And last but not least, i like cheering for the underdog. :)

I've got an fx 6300, and it runs like HELL. I like it.