Virtualization or dedicated instances for build farms


I work in a small game studio, currently we have six branches in development, each branch needs multiple dedicated build machines (easier to manage). Currently, we are using threadrippers with Proxmox to virtualize multiple machines, Since some of our branches only needs to build once per week, CPU resources can be allocated to other VM’s which might build daily. Repos for each of our branches is around 500G,

The problem:

We are running into long build times with our two current workstations, we want to add a third. However I feel that this is not as cost effective as dedicated instances. However, with dedicated instances, we are unable to share CPU resouces for machines that currently does not have a build running. I’m not sure if a storage is viable (io wise) for such game repos, where we can pull an intire repo in a resonable time to an dedicated instance and build that way. Does anyone have expierence on such projects?

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