Virtualization media centers

Hello everyone. I really enjoy Level1 and wanted to reach out on this forum and see if I can leverage the knowledge of this amazing community.

My wife and I are building a new home. I will have my rack in the upstairs game room and have slowly been populating it with serious networking equipmement and servers. In our home now we have rasberry pis, and itx small computers, in every room acting as standalone media centers, using tablets as remotes via wifi. Truthfully its not a bad setup at all.

However, i'd like to utilize virtulazation to achieve the same thing. With the new house i had the opportunity to run 6a throughout the house. Id like to have a single sever running media center service to all rooms. I dont even want thin clients in the rooms Maybe hdmi over ethernet? All being able to be deployed and mangaged in one room. I saw a video on Linus Tech Tips doing something similar but with numorus gaming services off of a single box.

I need help pointing me in the right direction to acieve something like this. Pros, cons, potential software, vm software, actual hardware to use. Been itching to play with ryzen and this seems like a great usecase. Havnt seen may servers being used with Ryzen... ecc, lots of cores seems like a match made in heaven for enterprise