VirtualBox vs Proxmox

Good afternoon all…I need some assistance and direction.

I am currently running VirtualBox for a Windows 10 VM to run the dictation software Dragon Medical One (DMO)…I’m a physician.

Intel NUC specs:
nuc7i7bnh, i7-7567U CPU @ 3.50GHz
1TB nvme drive)
primary OS is Linux Mint 20

RAM devoted to Windows 10 VM = 16GB

I am wondering if I might have better overall performance (for the Windows VM) if I offloaded the virtualization to a Proxmox server (with an equivalent, or near equivalent, CPU).

By “better overall performance” = CPU will tilt out at 60-70% more times than not causing generally slow-ish behavior as well as the Windows VM crashing.

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated…I think/hope I’ve included all the applicable information. Thanks!

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Generally speaking virtual box is about as slow as it gets. You will likely get better performance out of anything else.

You could try VMware workstation player and see what kind of difference there is.

Great…thanks for the recommendations!

Under the hood Proxmox is using KVM so before you try creating a whole server you could try running Windows via KVM instead of VirtualBox and see if it’s better for you.

Thank you!

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