Virtual monitor for GPU passthrough

Hello! FIrst of all I want to say that I am so grateful that this community exist. You made my Ryzen GPU passthrough a lot easier.

For OS: guest - Manjaro KDE edition.
-Kernel 4.14-2 custom, patched for npt 3d performance.
-Guest: Windows 10 Pro Fall Creators update.
VM Hypervisor: QEMU, KVM
VM CLI : Virsh
VM GUI : Virt-manager

So, what is my question?
I have 2 GPUs(nVidia GTX 660 Ti- Linux Host, Radeon RX 580 - Windows Guest.). I have 2 monitors plugged in in my nVidia card. One is DVI-D, the other one is VGA(connected with a DVI-I to VGA adapter). The only free port that I have is just a VGA to my main 1080p display. The RX580 card has digital only connections(DP, DVI-D, HDMI). Now comes the fun part. I want to remote into the VM using TeamViewer, but with no monitor connected to my guest GPU I can’t change the Windows resolution, as a result my TeamViewer connection is locked at like 600p. Also, the sad part is that some games freak out that I have no monitor connected, so I can’t use Steam in Home streaming. How I can trick the Windows Kernel that I have a monitor connected without having one? I found out that the old trick with “add a display anyway” from Windows 7 is not avalible anymore in Win10.
I tried: - Using VNC to connect(my brain tought that is good ideea…)

  • Using an old digital to analog video converter(HDMI-VGA), in order to be able to have a monitor connected so that I can change the resolution and use TeamViewer and Steam in home streaming properly. Found out that the cable is just broken… :frowning:
  • Googled, but no relevand querys returned, just old Windows 7 and XP solutions.
    What can I do? :smiley:

Sounds like you just need a dummy monitor