Virtu-MVP and native mobo resolutions

Hi everyone! So as my title says, I’m looking to clear up some confusion about utilising virtu-mvp.

When I upgrade my rig (maybe soon, maybe not) I want to be able to have a 1440p resolution or whatever acceptable price/performance ratio equivalent there is down the line. My question is: if I intend to take advantage of Virtu (power savings etc) and have my monitor hooked up to the mobo as opposed to my GPU, will my new mobo need to natively display 2560x1440 for when I’m only using the desktop or is this irrelevant?

For example, I’m looking at the GA-Z77X-UD3H which has native 1600p. Do I need a mobo of this kind of spec or can I save a few £ and get a cheaper one while still having 1440p?

Thanks for reading, all help is appreciated.