Virt-viewer stopped grabbing input

Hi all,

it seems like I have found a strange issue.

I am using KVM VMs and running them on my local system. I am on arch with Gnome, both on my work PC and my laptop. To connect to their display outputs I am using virt-viewer.

On my laptop everything work - I start the VM, run the virt-viewer, get the “Allow input grabbing” prompt, click “allow” and I can use the meta key in the VM. All is good.

On my work PC, however, I had some problems for a few weeks. Initially everything worked normally, but then I got some intermittent issues. To be able to “force” the prompt to appear in virt-viewer, I first had to connect to the VM console from the virt-manager, if I got the prompt in virt-manager I then got the prompt in virt-viewer. This was annoying, but I could get it to work with some fiddling. Since about two weeks it no longer shows any prompts, either in virt-manager or in virt-viewer.

I don’t think this is a gnome issue, I have the same DE and fully updated system on my laptop. Any ideas what to check and what to try?

Well, it seems like I have a partial workaround. If I launch the virt-viewer in xwayland session I get the grab of the super key. For now this will work, but the performance of the spice display is degraded - in wayland session the guest is much smoother.

Still, any ideas?