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Vintage Keyboard Keycap


I have an old BTC 5100C keyboard which i found in the e-waste box at work. The space bar was missing and i was wondering where i can buy a replacement?

The keyboard uses the cherry standard key-cap and is around 9.5 cm long.

I’m looking for a white, off white or grey key-cap for this keyboard and was wondering if anyone knows where i can buy one.

I have attached a photo of the keyboard;

Thanks in advanced



Have you actually tried an MX cap on the stem? I ask because I know of some vintage boards that look like they should fit but don’t. So just check.



Yep, i have been using a corsair Shift key as a temporary fix.

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Ah good okay. Let me have a look then.

Edit: keycaps are measured in units, a single square key is 1u. From the picture it looks like you need a 5u spacebar. Though I have no idea how you would spabilise the spacebar.

More edits: Yes it is 5u.

More info:

More edit: I still can’t find anything about the stabilisers for the spacebar yet. But for the moment what you need is a center mount 5u spacebar to start looking.

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Thanks for the help.

Know of any sites where you can get one?

I think i can just use a paper-clip to stabilise the spacebar.



Its an odd size, I don’t know any right now. Just going to have a look around myself.