Vimium - pest control for your desk

I just wanted to recommend Vimium - no one deserves to live without it. It is a Chrome extension that let you kill your mouse and (almost) only use the keyboard to navigate the web. It's one of those things that is so great that I barely can use a browser without it any more. :) It is the best extensions I've ever used, and it will be the best extension you've ever used.

So click this link and change how you use your browser:


Too short; want to read: 

Vimium, inspired by Vim, gives you shortcuts for all clickable items on a web page. By pressing the prefix button (by default it's f) Vimium puts labels on all clickable items on the page you are on (or all clickable items in your viewport to be more precise). The labels have letters on them, e.g. "aa", "lk" or "pcb", and then you just write the corresponding letters to click that. "f" followed by "aa" could for example open a link in the current tab. But what about opening in a new tap? "F" followed by "aa" would do the trick :) And there is much more. You can scroll up and down by taping k or j (j looks like a down arrow). I have mapped w to close the current tab and t to open a new. All this and much more with a single key stroke. And - most important of it all - without having to move my hand from the keyboard to the mouse! Fantastic! Especially on laptops where mouse input is a pain. 

Vimium is available for FireFox too, but it's a bit broken. It will activate even when writing in the adress bar, so that's not very good. But give it a go if you want to. 

Check out my key maps if you want somewhere to start off from when making it yours.

Also check out Vimium on GitHub and support them by contributing! :)


Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Vimium, I'm just a happy user.