Hey I have a what I think is about a 10 year old laptop with AMD Turion X2.  Now I know its probably a bad idea but I was looking at a ViDock, which if you don't know is External GPU for a laptop.  I am already building a Desktop but I think for gaming on the go if I should get one instead of a new laptop.  What kind of problems would I be looking at hardware wise?
Any advice is appreciated
thank you 

You need an express card for a ViDock. and that CPU would be TERRIBLE for gaming. You should definitely go for a new laptop. a great GPU is nothing but dead weight if you have an old CPU like that, that can't really carry its weight in the system. 10 years old means horrid ram speeds too.


I've been researching stuff for an eGPU here:

Thanks for the help, I though it wouldn't mean much and you're right the ram speed is very slow.  What kind of laptop would you suggest, I don't play too graphically intense games something like Bioshock 1, need for speed and Nintendo DS emulators