Videos not loading right

So, i have my brand new computer. everything has been a dream, then, about a week ago, youtube videos load weird. They often pause at the first frame, and keep buffering a bit, but never playing. like this.

or it will play exactly 3 seconds and then stop. not just youtube, other streaming video sources as well.

i am using up-to date chrome, and have wiped the cache. reloading 1-3 times seems to work. it is annoying. ran malwarebytes and avira scans, nothing detected. any thoughts on how to clear this up and what may be the problem? ever come across something like this?

I could be an issue with flash.

isn't flash built in to Chrome though?

Yeah but try updating.

I have this problem with Waterfox occasionally, try going into your cookies and clearing out everything from Youtube.

thanks guys, i will do that.

try using ublock ; noticed adblocker slowing down things, and showing yt ads.

This is a known recent issue, but it has happened in the past also. What you need to do, is disable IPv6 for youtube. You could either disable IPv6 on Firefox entirely, or just make an exception in your netfilter for youtube and googlevideo alone.

Once you're not on IPv6 any more on youtube, the videos will be cached again and they will load normally.