Video Rendering Heatsink

I need some help.  I am needing help to understand what kind of heat sink I need for my system. I am will be doing close to 16 hours of video rendering a day for 5 days a week and want to keep my temp in the safe zone. 

Right now my rig is a. Mini ITX mother board running a 4770k on stock cooling in a bitfenix prodigy case. I want to keep all their drive bays it the system along with an blue ray drive in the 5.25 slot.

I recently bought a NH-L91 low profile heat sink for the system and have no plans to ever over Clock the machine. Do guys think this cooler will be sufficient to my rendering. 

should be ok, just monitor the temps.

Bitfernix prodigiy can fit larger heatsinks. something like a Noctia NH-U12S or something similar

But i was thinking, maybe a close loop watercooling with rad in the front.

^this. just watch the temps over the course of 30-60minutes. Once they stabilize are they in the safe zone? if they are you're good to go. once they stabilize (which is rather fast) they won't change over the course of the render. unless there is a sudden failure of the cooler or your ambients suddenly turns into an easy bake oven, which is not going to happen.