Video Input problem DVI not matching

hey teksyndicaters 

i just bought Asus Nvidia 210 for my 5 year old PC (Core 2 duo E7200)

now Problem is LCD has DVI - D Dual link(Samsung SyncMaster B2030)

and graphics Card Has DVI - I Dual link (Asus Nvidia 210)

so my Question is If i plug DVI -D both Male Plugs Does it work 

or i stick to VGA port?

or get DVI to VGA converter

Which on is best solution?

and i purchased Asus Nvidia 210 for 14 year boy and i personally use AMD 8350 System so be civilize here about Asus Nvidia 210.




Use a DVI to DVI cable to plug in both ends. Doesn't matter if you use DVI-I or DVI-D in this particular case. The DVI will be better than the VGA.