Video goes away

I just modified my pc to use a kraken g10 for a evga gtx770 2gb ram with dual bios (Idk what this is for because I wanted a regular gtx 770 from evga) and a h55 aio cooler in push pull. I bought the g10 because I recived a cooler master siedon 240m to cool my i5 4670k in a push pull config. I also have an asus z87-pro mother board. My power supply is an evga nex 750b. I have a ssd from kingston and 4, 4gb  ram of 1600 mhz hyper beast as well form kingston. A segate barracuda for extra storage.

So every time I load a game the video cuts out, then if I let it sit there the pc reboots and gets to the long on screen it will repeat the process until I manual turn it off and boot it.

I think the power supply is not enough because it has all that hardware plus 8 (120mm fans), 1 (90mm fan), and an NZXT red led kit.

Please help