Video Equipment

Hi Guys,

I'm looking to get some video equipment next month but I don't really know where to start, I'm looking at starting a youtube channel based around my mates and I playing board games and the general banter/ shenanigans that we get up to.

What sort of gear would you guys suggest that's at a reasonable price, within the $1000 AUD mark?

Get a Canon 650d with stock lens and spend the rest of your money on some lighting.

Do you have any audio recording equipment on hand? Might be worth looking at Frugal Filmmaker for audio advice. For lighting I'd suggest buying some tough spun diffusion material. Its cheap, makes hard light look much softer, and can stand a fair amount of heat (but I wouldn't call it fire resistant.) You can get away with work lights from a hardware store if you don't mind throwing in some neutral density gels, not as cheap but definitely worth every cent.

Yeah +1 I forgot about audio. 

Yeah I also need audio equipment as well, Thanks for the advice :)

Yeah, even the best cameras do not have the greatest audio.


Generally the built in Mic preamps in cameras, even expensive cameras, are piss poor. Get yourself a usb audio interface or something similar to what Logan uses for audio recording/preamp.

Do any of you know what audio Logan uses?

I think its a Roland R26, its rather pricey. I know some journalists have tried products from the Zoom line such as the H2n and the H4n for their interviews with successful results. Both have AC adapters in the case batteries suddenly stop. Alternatively, if you live in the area of a rental house you can try out a few of their mics and see what works for you.

I have a canon 50d. It has good 1080p compressed video with magic lantern or near 1080 raw with a good cf card. No sound whatsoever though as it did not originally record video. H4N is great for audio and comparable to the r26 at a much lower price. 

I was thinking of something along the line of those small clip on ones, I don't know what they're called though

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