Video Editing software

I want to try my hands on video editting, but i don't know what to use. Anyone know what's easy to use?

free trials are your friend, nothing is better than some hands on use

^ THIS, try everything out and see how you like it, i personally use Vegas right now just because it supports Open CL fully, but once premiere does ill be back with the adobe products, its all personal prefrence, and how intuitive the program is to you.

 There also a number of free Editing programs as well.  try them all and see which one works best for you. I've always used Sony Vegas, and can say that is pretty simple to use for basic editing.

I used to use Sony Vegas, and it's a fine program, but I have since switched over to Adobe Premiere and can't see myself going back.

Premiere is so much better that it's hard to see using Vegas. CS 7 will be out soon too and that will add support for more Nvidia cards and AMD cards (finally). You can get the entire creative suite for about $20 per month if you are a student, It makes sense if you are using it for paid gigs.

Lightworks is also nice but it's totally different.If you can kearn it, it might be a good way to go. It's free but you will want to pay $50 per year (or something like that) for codecs and support.

So should I just wait for CS7 to come out? Cause it seems that the only AMD cards that the CS6 supports are for MacBook Pros.

Anyway, how big of a difference it would make between my card and an equivalent-as-a-general nvidia card?