Video Editing/Renderin PC 1st Build

Planning on building my first PC with my tax return here within a month or so.  I'm finally upgrading from my late 2009 iMac that takes about an hour plus to render 720p game footage i record from my Elgato HD. I just do simple things like color corrections and put my Podcast/Youtube page logo on the video.


Is this a good build or can i get cheaper for what i am doing? I don't plan on playing games on my pc but would'nt mind trying some games out. Would appreciate your feedback. Thanks in advanced.

For $1000 it is a very good build consider upgrading to a stronger psu aswell as getting a ssd to improve performance.


Throw an SSD in there

Or you could try this build out around the same price


You don't need a stonger PSU as it can output more than 100Ws more power than you currently need.

Solid build man. I would've gone with a nicer case but tha't just me.

Also since the board can handle up 2100mhz memory you should consider going for 1866/2100Mh memory. It should help a small bit with render times.

Otherwise you're fine man.

You dont need a xeon its a waste of money with not much added performance 

Ok Thanks for the advice and input!!!! One final question since I'm a super noob, is the SSD just for the OS or can the video editing program go there as well. Thanks once again.

The ssd would help with the video editing programs and with the os considering that you have enough space on there even with a 64gb ssd you could install the adobe creative suites and windows with a bit of space to spare