Video Editing GPU

Hello , i have an APU A8-5600K with 16g of RAM , i need to do a heavy video editing project and i am wondering what GPU i need to buy to be able to work efficiently but the problem is that i need something cheap i can't really exceed 90$ so far I've considered crossfire with a 6670 .

Depends what program/s you're using.

I use Corel VideoStudio Pro X6

I found a document on their website which said encoding can be accelerated with either CUDA or stream processors, So you could go Nvidia or AMD.

Your best bet would be to go with AMD though and hybrid crossfire with a 6670 like you said. A DDR5 option like this would be best if you were doing a bit of gaming on the side as well.

Nvidia's cards at that price point aren't going to give you as much of a performance increase because of their low CUDA core count. If it's properly supported, the program should be able to use the Stream processors in your 5600k and the 6670. 

Thank you for the response i will probably go for crossfire with the 6670.