Video Cutter / Video Cutting Software

I need a software to cut videos and trim them quickly . I already use Moo0 Video Cutter and it works but not on everything. Sometimes it fails, i'm looking for a better alternative.

I know Blender is utilised with Linux, I use Avid Studio in Windows.

Editing ('cutting') videos is pretty straightforward in most video-editing programmes, sometimes you have the 'prioritise' your computer's settings to enable the video-editing programme to work faster.

Aren't those softwares you need to render the video out again with? im just trying to make clips out of long game caps and then edit them later. i can easily do it in premier but i'd like to have clips saved in a folder to be edited later just makes workflow cleaner. Have you tried moo0 video cutter? it does exactly what i'm talking about but it has conversion fails with obs game captures.

Yes that's right, you have to render the clips out again in whatever format you prefer.

I haven't heard of 'moo0 video cutter' as I tend to use Avid Studio (I will give it a look)

Yeah it's for like say you have a 10 minute video and you only see 2 minutes of it even worth keeping. If it's 4k footage that's alot of space hogged up, so with moo0 video cutter you can cut out the footage portion you want to use and it will trim it then save it with everything the same bit rate/ properties , saves a lot of time. In a video editing software you would have to completely re-render it.

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I'm not sure if this will solve your crash problem but I've used to cut and and rework videos without re-rendering before. I think... I'm an editing noob. Hope it Helps.

installed and i don't know what to put for output format i need everything to stay the exact same format file bitrate everything

I'm afraid I can't give you a clear answer, it's been over a year since I've used it.

I'm not 100% certain, but I believe if all you are doing is cutting and saving the output setting won't ever be used to change the video.

Try putting null? Find out exactly what input format you have is and match the output format? Experiment.

They have a wiki which may be of some help.

Best I can do.

Now hold on

Video Editing?

Or just literally cutting a clip down to a certain size? like taking 5 seconds off the start or something?

There's a free version of resolve I believe

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