Video cards for... Video

Just curious what would be chosen for very light gaming (on a smaller monitor) e.g. League of Legends and "Media Center" media on a 47" LCD TV for movies.

Is a 7770 GHz Edition too much, not enough, or just right?

A 7770gHz would be fine for League of Legends at that resolution.

oh yeah, also playing blu-ray movies. 7770GHz is awesome nice in the middle card for it's price.

If you want to be safe, you could get a 7850. They aren't that much (I think $165ish) and are better than the 7770gHz. It is still well worth the price for the performance you'll be getting.

Oh that's not bad price difference.  Sounds good thanks.

No problem :)

The 7770 is an excellent intro card, and will get you through just about any game at 720p and most graphics solutions, including integrated, would have no issues running media center for your television. Media decoding is really not THAT intensive a chore for it. Although, I do have to admit, Intel's integrated graphics are really (and I do mean REALLY) good at this. ALSO, important thing to note, you spoke of size, and size actually has nothing too do with how much a graphics solution has to work to push an image to the display, it is all about resolution. The number of pixels that make up the image on the display is what is important. So if you have a 720p monitor, you could game on it just as easily as on the 720p television. It really doesn't matter how large it is if it is the same number of pixels.

Thanks Mndless for pointing that out, thought maybe the size had some strain on the cards or so I was thinking maybe because it's bigger that there would be more data output or such. Thanks.