Video card upgrade suggestion

Hi folks, 

I'm currently running a Asus GTX 660 Top, and im toying with the idea of either going for a better card or to get another 660 top and run them in SLI. 

So what would your suggestions be? 


i would sell your current card and get a higher end card like a 770 or 780 if its in the budget. but on another note what are the rest of your system specs.

Really depends on certain factors. What games do you play? What resolution is your monitor? It's easy to just suggest the newest and best but to be efficient with your money you have to take in to account all the factors.

8gb ram, amd fx 6100 oc to 4 ghz, probably going to upgrade the cpu to the amd fx 8350. LG 1080p monitor

as for games i play anything from BF3, BF4 to Total war games and quite a few others.

on BF3 i get 45 fps quite steady, with the 660 top, BF4 runs quite a lot slower. 

a gtx 770 could allow you to run bf4 at ultra which would be nice i would advise getting the 4gb variant due to the increase in vram in games so among the rest of your build i think that would be your choice and in the event you want to screen record shadow play works amazingly.

Before you get a 770, what is your PSU rated at? We don't want any power problems now do we.


I have a cooler master 600w psu. Thanks bmin think i probably will go for the 770.

With a 770, you would be set for quite a while. And I think a 600w PSU will be just fine. Good luck!

Yeah at 1080 with that psu you have a single card implementation is probably the best idea. The 770 would certainly be the best bang for the buck until the 780 comes down in price. Alternatively you could go for a Radeon 7970 and have performance on par with the 770 plus you'd get some free games.

I'd only recommend the 780 if you planned to upgrade to a bigger monitor in the near future.