Video Card Suggestions

Hello everyone, So I have my computer basically finished, all i'm missing is a Vid card. I have a max of $300 to spend on it, i'm not sure what to get. Here's my build so far Let me know what you suggest.

Maybe you could get a Gtx 970 or a R9 390, if not that I would take a 380x, with AMD stick to Sapphire because of the cooler, with Nvidia it doesn't matter as much because they produce less heat.

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R9 390 or R9 380X. Sapphire is great. MSi is still good.
On Nvidia you are looking at the GTX 970

I have a Sapphire R9 390, absolutely love it.

Those are $340, so if you can't add $40 to your budget, the 380x is a great choice.

If you want green team, as the others are saying, a GTX 970 is the way to go.

I've been leaning towards the AMD side, mostly because i've heard the evga geforce gtx 970 ftw acx 2.0 4gb video card cuts you .5gb and while I know that isn't much, it's still the principle of the point, if you know what I mean. Thank you all for the suggestions btw.

I would say buy a 390 or a 380x but for your windows, I really belive you should buy your windows key from here.
I've bought from this guy before and he generally is pretty fast

asus 390 is fine and I havent had problems with powercolor

Haven't tried it but heard a lot of people complaining about the Asus cooler neither keeping it cool, nor quiet. I got the Sapphire and its doing fine so far.

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