VFIO noob looking for help

Linux noob here looking for help.

I want to do pass through gaming on my desktop because I am tired of how sh!tty using windows is. I have already switched to linux on all my laptops.


  • CPU: i7 7700k
  • MOBO: z170 Asus pro gaming
  • GPU: 2080ti
  • RAM: 32G
  • Storage: 3 different SSDs

Advice I am looking for:

  • Linux distribution with best support for drivers or one that will make this precess for a first timer less of a pain in the a$$
  • a guide you have used that successfully lead you to having a working, reliable pass though machine
  • how many cores to allocate, maximum amount of ram to allocate to the VM

I have already read through: https://forum.level1techs.com/t/vfio-in-2019-pop-os-how-to-general-guide-though-draft/142287 and https://forum.level1techs.com/t/play-games-in-windows-on-linux-pci-passthrough-quick-guide/108981/117

  • any additional advice is very much appreciated

Thanks in advance. :smile:

You can generally make it work on any distro, so just choose a distro that has a recent guide available, ie released in the past year or newer.

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