Vertical GPU mount - PCIe socket screw

I own a Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL and I’ve decided to vertically mount my GPU to avoid GPU SAG AND i’ve noticed that installing a vertically mounted GPU can be a pain in the ass. Especially fetting the PCIe slot of the card into the mount.

Thus, I’ve thpught about not screwing the PCIe extension cable into tue vertical mount, but instead just attaching it to the card and then screwing it into the GPU slot (you know, the slot where you plug the hdmi, dp, etc. in).

Is this safe or would against doing something like that? (Assume my GPU to be large and heavy). I mean it would sit on the vertical mount and therefore there is no difference compared to when it is screwed it. However, it might wiggle around when I’m carrying the case through my appartment but I usually don’t do something like that :smile:

No input from anyone here? Is my question not clear enough or is there just no opinion?

To me, this.
Are you planning to hang the GPU off the PCIe-slot only or what now?

When it is vertical, that is no problem. Horrizontal would be big no-no.

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I’d just get a slot bracket and keep it horizontal.

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Let me show you a picture:

Here you can see a vertically mounted GPU which is secured at the top (red) with two screws and at the bottom with two (green). The GPU is put into the slot of the riser cable and the riser cable slot is secured to the plate (purple) with two screws.

I’m playing with the thought of not putting the two green screws into the plate. The GPU would still rest on the plate (purple), but wiggling around would be possible when carried around.

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Should be fine? Maybe?

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