Vertex 4 benchmark disappointing

So after watching Logan's video on the ADATA XPG SX900 I decided to test my vertext 4.....


Are these normal speeds for a vertex 4?

CPU  3570K


Seems I plugged my SSD into the wrong SATA3 Port. Its plugged into a ASmedia port rather than the intel Port.... Damn it


lol, as long as your testing the right drive, shouldn't matter

No? Maybe I should look into it more before taking action. It would explain why my speeds are slow. 

Using AHCI mode not IDE?

Yes am using AHCI,

I read on another forum that the ASmedia ports maybe shared, meaning you wont reach the 600MB/ps . ASmedia ports are also controlled by a seprerate chip. Apparently Intel designed the z77 board to have two SATA3 ports.

I will investigate some more when I get home and post the results here 

Well, I'm glad you got it figured out mawbkk. Thats also good information to have for anyone with trouble, thanks for sharing.

So with some help from guys from another forum I swapped to the Intel SATA3 ports and then retested with some improvements.


Then another user on the forum told me about OCZs standard and performance modes. Apparently if you are using >50% of your drives capacity it will go into Standard   mode which results in a noticable drop in performance.