Vega broken artifacting

Hey as title says my Vegas 64 is artfacting but I don’t think it’s the memory or the interposer I this it’s the bga has went but I have had no experience reflowing Vega so I’m looking for any advice that can be given would be a great help just turned it on and my heart sank

NVM: I think I know your story: Vega 64 overclocking can't get power play to work - #5 by GoldenAngel1997

Are you overwriting the firmware on it?

Ok, slow down, first what do mean by “interposter”, “bga” and “reflowing”?

Can you post the artifacting problem as images?

Or a video?

What’s the vendor, brand and model of the card?

How long have you used it for, what was it’s use case?

Is in a well circulated case for it to breath?

What’s the power supply?

What operating system are you using and version?

How have you come across this artifacting? When did it begin, what has changed before then?

Another question is was it fine before and recently started, or is it a “new to you” card.

Have you tried testing a fresh recent OS? My 6700 XT would intermittently create small green cubes on fedora 33, but has no issues in fedora 34 or windows.

Okay I can take photos later but the interposer is the interconnect on the dies and bga is the solder balls on the card and it was fine I was running it and it’s the red devil and reflow is when you use a heat gun to heat the gpu to melt the solder balls and hope the broken balls reconnect

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