Vega 64 overclocking can't get power play to work

Hey there looking for advice on how to get the power play tables to work with the modern drivers as I’ve been unable to get the power offset to actually work the slider goes to 150 percent but the power consumption doesn’t go up and I’m still hitting power limit

Don’t recall Vega 64 being remotely good an OCer, compared to 56… Pretty much high strung?

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Yeah that’s true I just wanted to remove the power limit so I can get consistent clocks across everything

But the soft power play isn’t working at all it lets me move the slider to 150 percent but doesn’t actually let it pull any more than the 50 percent so it hits 375 to 400 watts but doesn’t go past that

Could very well be a driver-firmware limitation, like what was done to the relatively recent 5600XT [to avoid getting it encroaching on 5700-XT territory]

It defo was working as gamers nexus used this reg edit on a Vegas 56 to get 242 power offset cause I can have the slider go to 300 percent but it just doesn’t pull anymore power just gave the the vf curve from the liquid cooled Vega 64 so does anyone know what driver revision it has worked on to see if running an older driver fixes it or if it’s locked down in Windows now cause my card can do 1715 stable that’s the run clock not set if the power limit wasn’t there or if when you undervolted the clocks wouldn’t go down but I’ve had good time spy scores and firestrike over 27k gpu on fire strike just took ages of turning to figure out what target clock to set to get 1650mhz running with the voltage