Vega 64 on Fedora 27?

Dear members,

Are there any means of getting Vega 64 to function properly on the latest build of Fedora 27?


Run the open source drivers, there should be a repo you can add unless fedora already comes preinstalled with the open source drivers.

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Thanks, I will do the research on how to add repos and such. =D

Fedora 27 should have support on Linux 4.15. Fedora should have a 4.15 release, although I’m not 100% sure.

Long story short, you’re just going to need to use a 4.15 kernel (or backported patches) to get it working.

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Fedora 27 has had 4.15 for a while. Just update to 4.15.7 last night. There is also support for radeon, amdgpu, and vulkan drivers. You should be good.