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Vega 10 and 12 reset application

Thanks for the information.
Is it correct to just add

 * Radeon RX Vega and Navi devices break on bus reset. Oi...
 * This is *not a real workaround* - disabling bus reset
 * for your GPU may have unintended consequences.
 DECLARE_PCI_FIXUP_HEADER(PCI_VENDOR_ID_ATI, 0x687f, quirk_no_bus_reset);
 DECLARE_PCI_FIXUP_HEADER(PCI_VENDOR_ID_ATI, 0xaaf8, quirk_no_bus_reset);




(Of course i’ll change 0x687f and 0xaaf8 to the Ids of my Vega 64)

Is there a noob friendly guide on how to patch this?

proxmox kernel 5.0.21-3 with NAVI reset patch(untested). Using on Ubuntu 18.0.4 and it’s working right. Use at your own risk!

Proxmox 6 kernel package with NAVI reset patch (untested)


I don’t get it. Using the provided application I get

Failed to read /sys/bus/pci/devices/0000:24:00.0/vendor

and if I try to apply the patch I get

➜ sudo patch -p1 < fix-vega-reset.patch
can't find file to patch at input line 5

I’m running kernel 5.2.11-1 on Manjaro.
Is there some kind of documentation on how to do all this?
I know documentation takes a lot of time but as so much hard work went into this, it would be a shame if just a small group of people are able to take advantage of this.

I very much second that.

I’m running into what I assume is the same unclean reset issue with my RX580.. Whilst this patch is for the 10/12 generation only, do you have access to and any plans to look at the RX580 generation of cards?

Either way, great work on getting the 5700 working. Making the lives of all passthrough users easier in the future :+1: I’m almost tempted to upgrade just to have a working reset, even though the RX580 is still meeting my gaming needs :slight_smile:

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any progress on AMD fixing this in firmware?
is there a place i can sign up to be notified when this does get fixed in firmware?

a custom made kernel would require i redo alot of my update scripts in my machine that uses Navi.

Navi reset patch working on my ASRock 5700XT!

I’m using Arch as my host OS. I had to switch to Q35 to get passthrough working.
Followed the directions on the Arch wiki for building a kernel and applying the patch. (was gonna put the wiki article here, but I can’t post links, the article title is ‘Kernel/Arch Build System’)

One note, I do not seem to need a BIOS file. I was using it earlier today while troubleshooting, and forgot to put it back in at some point after removing the device from the VM. Working fine at the moment.


Has anyone run into this issue?

Applied the patch manually and compiled on 5.3.2

Attempting Vega 10 reset
CMD_WAITFOR 0x0001667c
Wait for timed out.
Failed to exit BACO

Tried running right after boot since my mobo always boots to the Vega 64 requiring a reset immediately before I can use it for the VM.

EDIT: Just attempted on 5.3.1 as well. No dice

I have a Vega 64, don’t work too :neutral_face:.

Just found this post since it wasn’t searchable Vega 10 and 12 reset application as well as the answer right under.

So hopefully the patch comes out soon. Looking forward to it!

Is this the reset patches landing for Linux 5.5?

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Two questions:

a) Would these fixes also apply to the Vega Frontier Edition Card ? (I mean no changes in the register map offsets and such)
b) Is there a similar fix for the R9 290X series also available ?


noob question, if there is an official “firmware fix” from AMD some day in the future, does it come in the form of a bios upgrade, or will it be a driver side fix?
thanks for all the hard work. much appreciated.

Just wanted to let this forum know that the Vega reset fix was removed from Unraid OS, due to crashes seen by an another set of users.

:woozy_face: :disappointed_relieved:

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Thanks, it would be good to actually get some reports from them on the hosts it’s crashing. No idea how it can hard crash it since there is no retry/loop logic in the code at all.

Hate to sound like a broken record, but is the source for the patch available yet?

At this rate I will have replaced my vega rig before I get the patch working. (no joke, new machine coming December)

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Hi gnif, We would urge you to/welcome you to hang around in the Unraid forums also :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. Though Unraid sounds like a storage focused OS (that part pretty much works), it also tries to be a seamless GPU pass-through/virtualization(qemu)/gaming platform…and that’s where there are challenges.

May be this thread could be your starting point? (Where your L1T post was featured before) :slightly_smiling_face:

Does any else here use the Radeon VII? I’d be interested in contributing to raise funds to get support for it.