VB.Net Code Help

Hello, I'm working on a personal learning project. I'm making a text based adventure game based on Morrowind, and so far I can't even get past character creation. 

The problem I'm having is that a publicly declared variable is losing value. 

So in the Class RaceChoice I have this code:

Public PlayerRace As String
Public Agility As Integer
Public Endurance As Integer
Public Luck As Integer
Public Intelligence As Integer
Public Strength As Integer
Public Personality As Integer
Public Willpower As Integer
Public Speed As Integer

Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs) Handles OkButton.Click
If AltmerRadio.Checked Then
  PlayerRace = "Altmer"
  Agility = 40
  Endurance = 40
  Luck = 40
  Intelligence = 50
  Strength = 30
  Personality = 40
  Willpower = 40
  Speed = 30
  Alchemy += 10
  Destruction += 10
  Enchant += 10
  Alteration += 5
  Conjuration += 5
  Illusion += 5
End If

However, one form later where the birthsign is chosen, the value is reset to 0. I understand that Global Variables are supposed to be avoided, but I can't access it if its declared through Dim or Private. Is there anyway around this? Other values aren't lost, just the stats.

make the stat's part of an object?

What kind of object would I make it?