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Vampire V4 Announced

To those who want to know, and those who don’t, the vampire 4 is coming out soon! Or at least will be announced. It has some improvements on fpga performance, to be expected, but the big exciting thing about this release is the standalone vampire machine that will be announced. It has been confirmed by a good number of people.

For those unfamiliar, an accelerator does exactly what it sounds like. Speeds up a computer. The vampire almost makes an amiga a modern cobputer, but it won’t let you run chrome or anything like that. You get a big boost in graphics as well as cpu capability. The vampire also give you hdmi without a need for a scan doubler.

The v4 mill also have an in-sys version that will come out later, but for nom just the standalone mill be coming out. At least according to podcasts. I honestly have yet to see the video.


I have to admit this is tempting, but my brain is telling me that for all the things I would actually do with it I really should just focus on Ambian on the Pi 4 or just AROS on contemporary hardware. Don’t get me wrong the Vampires are seriously impressive but there’s little classic Amiga software that needs the power it offers combined with all the realistic reimplementation (and timings) of an Amiga chipset.

For that reason I find the MIST and MISTer FPGA implementations of classic Amiga hardware more appealing (and cheaper to own), although if I had the cash sitting there I’d still buy a Vampire, just because :smiley:

Ok, just watched this, I take it back. If you are about to drop some money on an original Amiga setup with expansions or even a MISTer then maybe you should consider the V4.

I like the fact that this is more than accelerator - the SAGA graphics and Pamela audio add more than I expected.

Still, head over heart it makes no sense and I refuse to spend more money on Amiga related hardware :rofl:

Seems that FPGAs have resurrected the garage-computer industry that we saw in the 70s and 80s.

I look forward to the vampire standalone! Will be great to have a working machine that is also kinda “open hardware”. :slight_smile: