Valve CEO Says Windows 8 Would Mean A Catastrophe for Windows PC Gaming

Gabe Newell has made a statement that Windows 8 would make a very deep ditch for PC game makers. 

While speaking at the Casual Connect Game Conference, Gabe Newell has a major conflict. Basically what he is trying to say, the success with Valve has been due to the openness with the PC Platform. I personally think that is truely correct on that part. PC Gaming is more wide open compared to consoles.

What I do think, with the Windows 8 Store; Microsoft is planning on limiting the amount of places and stores to where you can get games. That is from my prespective that is.

Based on predictions that Newell said, "We'll lose some of the top-teir PC/OEMs, whi will exit the market. I think margins will be destroyed for a bunch of people."

Migrating to a different platform, Linux as a matter of fact; which all of us on here know that Valve is porting Steam to Linux. This would also be know as from Newell's prespective "The Hedging Stratagy."

I think this will be a good thing for the Linux users overall. Being Linux is still growing. If Linux grows because of this. This will deliver a big blow into Microsoft and Apple.


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