Value my PC

Hey, not sure if this is an appropriate section to be asking this, so I'll be quick.

I'm thinking about upgrading my graphics card from a GTX 970 to a 980 Ti, the new G1 gaming one from Gigabyte.

The 970 currently goes for around $500 AUD

And the 980 Ti goes for a bit over $1000

In still tossing up between the 980 or the 980 Ti because the Ti is a lot of money.

Now, I have a friend who is building a PC off of his TAX return, and he plans on getting a 970, I've offered that he can buy mine, IF, my other friend buys my spare pc off me (Said friend is currently using it, and is also looking at building a pc)

I was thinking of selling the 970 for $450, because its basically brand new, never overclocked, always looked after and has original packaging. Its basically brand new. Only a few months old. I believe this is a pretty fair price to ask.

The price I am unsure of is what I should ask my friend for the spare PC. Ideally, I would need between 600-700 to not be out of pocket so to speak when upgrading.

The specs are:
AMD FX-8320
Asus M5A99FX PRO R2.0
4-6gb of RAM (Dont actually remember)
Casecom 750w PSU (Yes, i know its bad, but I bought that for 50 bucks as I needed a quick and easy PSU and it was there at the time.)
MSI GTX760 2gb OC Edition (I believe its oc edition.)
Case is a InWIN thing. Only 60-80 bucks new, but he plans on buying a new case anyways, so I dont really care about that.

I did a quick calculation on everything brand new (Excluding GPU) and it was around the 550 mark.

What would be a fair price to ask for this build? Its certainly no slow thing, and can run alot of games on ultra. Sure if you started modding skyrim itll choke up, but its still got a fair bit of grunt.

If the pc is $550 new (minus the GPU) I would say $550-$600 would be a decent price to sell it to a friend for.
What is your monitor setup like? If you are running a single 1080p monitor, you don't need a 980 Ti.

Also, i would give your friend a little discount on the 970, assuming they are $450 new where you live. $400 would be better. Used is still used.

Would a regular 980 be a better bet? As they are a little cheaper. I was thinking the 980 Ti as overkill futureproof kind of thing as the grachics of modern games is getting better, and the optimisations are getting worse.

Single 1080p monitor, with plans to run more (Rally sims kind of thing though at which point basically any card would do)

I bought mine for 525, new retail is 500, so seeings as you only knocked of 50 bucks anyways, I'd say I was fairly accurate anyways.

Thankyou for the recommendation on the value of the pc, Its roughly where I was at anyways :)

Well if you sell the old pc + the 970 that should yield you enough cash to grab a 980ti. Do it, the price on the old pc is fair enough, you could probably get more on say Gumtree (some noob would jump at it at that price).
Keep an eye out for ShoppingExpress's sales as well- there was one the other week: 980ti's for $999 delivered.

I'll keep an eye on that site, thankyou. The reason I linked to MSY is its the store closest to me that I can just walk in and buy the product and walk out.

Is the performance gain from the 980 Ti vs the 980 worth the editional cost however? I know the 980 is around 15% quicker than the 970 and utilizes all its VRAM, but its so tempting for an extra 300 bucks get 6gb of vram and never have to worry about frame rate issues. Which is what I thought with the 970, but it seems to have difficulties playing Unity at times which annoys me and breaks from the immersion of the game.