Value assessment RAM

Hi there,


Because the 8GB in my computer and laptop are always full, an upgrade is needed.
I want to get rid of the old RAM completely, and buy new RAM for it.

This is the situation:


  • 1x8GB
  • 1600MHz
  • Make Unknown
  • Came along with the Toshiba laptop (bought oktober 2014)


  • 2x4GB G.Skill Sniper
  • 1866 MHz
  • bought on 28 Dec. 2013

How much is this still worth? I live in the Netherlands, 1x8GB SO-DIMM starts with 70 bucks, 2x4GB 1866MHz around 80 bucks.


Thanks for your help in advance,



1x8gb is always  better from an upgradability standpoint, if you buy 2x4gb then if you upgrade later you have to lose one of the cards and you will only get 12gb but if you go with the one card now you will get 16gb in the future. the speed difference is next to zero, and for only $10 difference go with the 1x8gb card

You usually get slightly better performance by going with a 2 stick setup.  This is due to a feature called duel channelling and has been around for a while.  I would say it depends on how long you plan to keep the laptop.  If you are going to change  it for a new one within a year or so, just go with 8gb.  If you are keeping it longer term though you'd might as well just go for 16gb.

single channel to dual channel on a laptop doesn't matter. 1x8gb is usually a better solution