Utorrent can't uninstall?

So when I tried to uninstalled Utorrent this week i found that it wasn't anyway in the control panel where I normally uninstall everything. So I figured I must have uninstalled it, and just forgot. But when I reopened my laptop today, I found that utorrent started automatically. Not sure how to uninstall it, any advice?

Heard some people were having the same issue?

(free version, obviously)

Also if you use utorrent, don't use that crappy up-to-date version because it's garbage.

and if Crap Cleaner doesn't do it:
(free version...duh)


I use cclearner all the time, so I guess that didn't work. Isn't pcdecrapifier something you should only use when you first get a computer?

said who?
Have you used the software? Cause if you just download this free software which takes a second or two and install it, which takes a second or two you will find out for yourself.

CCleaner is more than just a disk cleaning system. Change start up programs, a more efficient uninstall tool than windows default.

Hey thanks for the help!

Logan mentioned it I think, when he had a video on what you should do first when you get a new laptop.

It doesn't appear under uninstall in ccleaner, but it appears at Startup for some reason.

Might have been installed to a different folder. Do you have multiple drives installed? If so, change CCleaners settings to include the other drive, restart CCleaner, and it should show up if it's been installed there.

Okay I'll try that thanks!

No luck sadly.

uninstall it manually. Search your system for it's executable and delete all local files, do a search for any other remnants on your system and delete those as well. If the default system search isn't finding anything use Everything

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I've sometimes fixed this problem my re-installing the app then uninstalling it...Wierd but can work.

Go to https://ninite.com/ under "Utilities" check Revo, install, and use that.

Or you can go directly to their website http://www.revouninstaller.com/ but you might get third party crap with it.

Have you try to reboot your PC in Safe Mode? This may be helpful.

If you are Window XP/7/Vista user, see the guide below.

Reboot your computer, continuously press F8 key on the keyboard as soon as the computer starts booting.
Select Safe Mode under Advanced Boot Options, then press Enter key.

If you are Windows 8/8.1/10 user, see the guide below.

Move your cursor to the left bottom of your screen, right-click Start menu when it shows up, then select Control Panel from the list (For Windows 8/8.1 user). Right-click the icon Windows10 iconlocated in the left bottom of the screen, then select Control Panel (For Windows 10 user).
Click System and Security > Administrative Tools.
Double-click System Configuration.
Click Boot button in the opened window, check the Safe boot box and tick the Minimal, then click OK button. When a message box pops up, click Restart button.

Or you use a professional uninstall tool to forcibly uninstall any hidden or stubborn programs.

Of course, this is not the only way to uninstall uTorrent. You can try the manual uninstall steps to remove it.

Since you can't find out it from Control Panel, you can navigate to delete its related files and folders. (%AppData%Roaming\uTorrent)

Then go to your Registry Editor and look for any associated registry entries created by this program.

This step is quite complicated, but you can refer to the post below. It shows you the detailed steps.


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If you need a torrent client, use Deluge. Utorrent does some shady stuff of late I've heard



it doesn't look like it's a traditionally installed program through the win32_api product class.

So you have to manually rip it out of your system and then delete the registry keys, then run ccleaner.

As others have said %appdata%\roaming\utorrent

just typing in %appdata% in run dialog will bring you to the right area.

Just do a search in file explorer for the keyword torrent and delete it. Look through the file system and just run ccleaner when you think you've got it all, to be absolutely sure.

I was trying to find a powershell command, but it's a bit more complicated, because you can't really use msiexec to remove it, and it's not a gwmi object. Certainly the registry values are, but they are probably all over your hives in hklm, hkcu and hku.

This might help you http://www.revouninstaller.com/revo_uninstaller_free_download.html

Also, take a look around the sysinternals suite. You may find some tools there, that can help you.

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Simply end all the utorrent.exe related processes in the task manager, manually delete the executable and all the data in C:\Users\AppData\ both the local and roaming folders
and if you find anything else in the registry, scratch that as well.

I am sure there are a great deal of exploits for an outdated version for a very popular piece of software, especially one which automatically sends its version to other peers.

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I just went through this when I used the reccomended torrent for downloading Enderal for Skyrim. It didn't show up on my uninstall list. It acted like a virus. I went to my files page, clicked on "This PC", and searched for it by name. I opened it from there and tried to uninstall it, but it said I couldn't remove it while the program was running. So I opened task manager and ended it there. Then I was able to uninstall it. Once that was done, I was able to re-search my pc and get rid of a few other files it had made with no problem. No 3rd party software needed. I have not noticed anything since then, so I am assuming I got it by the roots.

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