Using windows server for a week, craving linux

Last week i set up a windows server at home for file sharing, VPN and plex media server. It's been doing great, without any real issues, aside for one thing.

I keep having this craving for linux whenever i'm doing something on it. Everything works as it should, is easy to configure (probably easier than linux) and its not *that* much of a resource hog over my usual arch linux install. I just cant seem to acclimate to not having SSH, and the linuxy commands. It also seems like the community support for linux is better.

so i was wondering if the community could help me here: should i give it more time, or should i go back to linux?

(licenses arent an issue, my school offers each student 9 windows server keys)

I'm always more comfortable with the familiar, but if you don't sometime experiment with something else you won't learn and having a purpose for that something else means you have to. If you go back to your Linux server will you reason to learn about windows server?

I would give it more time, even if its just a set period to build a bit of knowledge before reverting. If you have other linux systems etc you need to SSH into from the Windows server, you can use terminal software like Putty.

In my line of work I often see Windows server deployments in environments where most of the Sysadmins use Linux on their personal desktops/laptops and there is also a lot of UNIX servers deployed. This is because there is some good (and not so good) software that requires windows servers - e.g. SQL Server, business intelligence, IIS  and exchange systems. If you want a career in IT the more OS's you understand the better IMO.

i guess its like moving to a new house, however amazing the house is, you'll always feel weird at first. and really, i have the keys, might as well use them.

I learned computing on Solaris so I prefer a Unix-Like  experience. You could always try Cygwin which adds a little Unix to Windows.

The stuff BGL pointed out are great uses for Windows (SQL, Exchange, Active Directory, etc) But if you want to deploy webpages/apps and cloud services Linux is where it is at.

its not that i want the unix-like experience, in fact, i like the windows experience pretty well. theres just a couple small details that make me a bit mehh.

and i'm actually mostly using the system for the active directory part. (the computer is too slow for anything else)

if i get something better for a server i might install windows server on it with the hyper-v and run my virtual machines on there, so my desktop doesnt need to have them all on the hard drive.