Using club3d csv-7200h to drive 6x 4k screens from a 6900xt

Is club3d csv-7200h (dp1.4 to two hdmi) a good quality mst hub?
my ultimate plan is to use 2x 6900xts and run 12 4k HDR projectors, 6 from each gpu .(3 club3d csv-7200h s on each.)

from what I gathered online so far this is doable, any caveats I should be aware of ?

one side note: I’m planing to use the mst hub with 30m HDMI cables can I expect the signal quality out of the mst hub to have enough strength to reliably drive the projectors.

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Active cables, repeaters, etc.
Card should have the bandwidth. Would need a type C adapter of some kind. Unless certain models have 3 DP connections.
I could theorize about incompatibillities, but they’d just be theories with no real world examples.

Is that a thing?

well let me rephrase , will this mst hub work?
has any one tried this thing?

Are you trying to mirror or have independent displays? Can a 6900xts support 6 independent displays? I think it only supports 4 screens per card, like you can use MST to convert 2 DP ports to 4 displays, but not 5 or more. Some sort of internal, possibly hardware limitation.

If there’s such a limitation, it’s software/artificial segmentation bullshit. Type C supports a certain revision of Displaport, since… I think DP 1.2, MST is part of the standard. On paper, and by the spec, it’ll work.

MST Hubs Video Card Limitations ( is one of the mentions I saw talking about this and another that I can’t find now that said nvidia/amd have a 4 display limit on most cards and intel has 3 (at least for igpu, this was pre-ARC), whether it’s driver or hardware based there didn’t seem to be an easy work around. This didn’t affect mirroring only extending the display.

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At least my single output card thinks it’s a 6 output card. Bet it has more to do with driver software.

Anecdotal, but…

6 might be the limit for AMD, I just know there IS some sort of limit to be aware of.

For eyefinity, yes, 6… unless that changed recently.

I remember @wendell has some and has talked about mst hubs in the past. Maybe we can get a write up from @Level1_Amber on the hubs

6 displays are the per card eyefinity limit.
here is asrock 5700xt taichi which supports 6 4k displays out of the box.

I’m assuming the eyefinity limit is the card total dispaly output limit aswell, however I have read here and there that you can drive more than 6 displays per card but not on eyefinity mode. (even then eyefinity on crossfire supports 8 displays assuming you connect all displays to a single card, a single card can in theory support 8 displays.)

Hm. Interesting use case. I’ll have to check about this.

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so a small update:
I did manage to get this setup so a somewhat of a working state using club3d csv-7200h MST hubs. (tested 6 displays for now)

things to note:

  • eyefinity (at least for me) does not support a 61 (or 16) display arrangement only thing you can do with 6 displays is a 3*2 setup.

  • creating a 1+5*1 desktop setup using eyefinity pro tool works BUT screens go blank for a good 10 minutes and then it gets working.

  • win 10 did not seem to like to duplicate more than 4 screens on my setup (systems would lock up).

I’m not sure if the cause for the 10 min delay are the newer amd drivers my gpu or the mst hubs but it does the job for me for now at least.

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