Using an SSD without a mounting kit

Am I doing it right?

Are there any better solutions?



I just zip tie'd mine the the back of the case (behind the mobo back plate where all my cables are run to) you can put them anywhere no moveing parts so the orientation of them dosent matter to much.

you can use double sided tape too, SSDs don't get very hot thats what I have done haven't had a problem.

duct taped, hot glued, superglued, velcro'd, ziptied, and just tossed in there. seen them all. theres no real wrong way to mount an SSD. except nailed, or stapled- never staple your SSD to the motherboard tray. that always ends in tears.


May I ask you: to what?

"...just tossed in there..."

I have to say, don't do this if you move your computer. At all. Ever.

My SSD's SATA power connector broke off because I moved my case while the SSD wasn't secured.

Always secure it or take it out. SSD's are small. 

the superglued one was the back of the motherboard tray, and I agree- its so simple to ziptie, tape or velcro it down that its not worth leaving it unsecured.

Doubble-sided-tape, will hold them whereever you what ;D

I used velcro so I can take it out easily if I needed to